Save Money Treating Fleas with Revolution

save money treating fleas with Revolution

UPDATE: This post, Save Money Treating Fleas with Revolution, was originally published on July 9th, 2014. In response to some questions and comments I received, I completely updated it on July 4, 2019.

How to Save Money on Revolution for Treating Fleas

In another post, I told you how to save money on flea treatment by splitting large tubes of Advantage, made by Bayer, and Frontline, made by Merial. You can do the same thing and save money treating fleas with Revolution, known internationally as Stronghold, but there are a couple of differences.

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How Revolution Works

Advantage and Frontline are regulated by the EPA and have long been available over the counter. Revolution, made by Zoetis, still requires a prescription and is regulated by the FDA rather than the EPA.

Although it is a little more expensive than Advantage and Frontline, Revolution helps protect your pet against a wider variety of parasites. The active ingredient in Revolution is selamectin. It works by penetrating the skin and entering your pet’s bloodstream. Concentrations of selamectin in the tissue and bloodstream prevent heartworm disease. Selamectin also redistributes into the skin from the bloodstream and kills adult fleas, American dog ticks, and ear mites, and prevents flea eggs from hatching. It is also an anthelmintic, which means it fights to expel parasitic worms. Parasites ingest the drug when they feed on the animal’s blood. Although Revolution doesn’t have a growth regulator in it, the active ingredient in it does prevent flea eggs from hatching.

Revolution is Quick-drying and Non-greasy

The thing I really like about Revolution is that it is quick-drying and non-greasy. If you are splitting tubes, it is imperative that you leave it in the tube it comes in and draw it from the tube with a needle as described in our previous post. The ingredient that makes it quick-drying (alcohol) also makes it very volatile. Once out of the tube and in a larger container, it can totally evaporate! Make sure the tube is tightly capped. I have read that it is advisable to store it in the refrigerator once opened.

Do You Need a Prescription for Revolution?

As mentioned above, Revolution still requires a prescription in the US. People argue that there is a reason for this. I think it is really a financial reason. Vets make a lot of money on the “prescription” products they sell. Oh, boy, don’t even get me started on that!

The good news for pet owners is that you can order Revolution from overseas companies online. Just search for “revolution without a prescription.” Please be sure to do your research if you choose to do this. As with any business, there are some unscrupulous companies out there. There are companies in Australia and Canada that I would tend to trust over others that may not even reveal where they are located. Also, be sure that their website is secure before you order.

Deadfleaz is located in Australia and people who have commented on this post say they have dealt with them multiple times with success. They claim that even with shipping it is still less than the vet.

Is Revolution Safe?

Revolution has been tested in many clinical studies. It has been tested at up to 10 times the recommended dosage with no adverse effects. The product has even been tested orally in case of accidental ingestion. It is also safe to use on pregnant and lactating pets. 

How to Split Doses of Revolution to Treat for Fleas

I received a comment that cats are being overdosed using this chart because the Revolution for cats has a concentration half of the dog product. That is true but that lower concentration is taken into account in the chart below. The bottom line is that the dose is 2.7 mg/lb for both dogs and cats.

The largest packet of Revolution is PLUM colored (for Extra Large Dogs) and is labeled for dogs 85.1 – 130 lbs. The volume of each dose of topical solution is 3 mL and the concentration of the drug is 120 mg/ml. THUS, each dose of PLUM Revolution for Extra Large Dogs (360 mg) can treat 24 kittens or 8 cats!

Revolution dosage chart

Precautions when Splitting Tubes of Revolution

Please note: Drug manufacturers and some veterinarians warn against tube splitting and doing so may void any liability. Some dog-only products, such as Advantix, can kill a cat. Do your own research and if you decide to split tubes be sure to:

  • Handle safely – wash your hands thoroughly after use
  • Store properly – in a cool, dark place
  • Use the appropriate dose

If you still have questions and concerns, you can download this document from Zoetis.

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  1. Tried this with Revolution (Teal-40-80 lb dogs) for a 10 lb and 38 lb dog, and it was a disaster. The syringes didn’t pull the solution. I got 1mL insulin syringes from the pharmacy. I took off the top of the vial and pierced the opening with the needle and the syringe just kept pulling air, when I tried to tap it or push the air out the solution got all around the outside of the vial. Recommendations on what type of syringe to use? I was also worried I was going to poke my puppy because although she will sit still, she could jerk suddenly … Do I need a blunt large gauge needle? Thanks.

    • Hi Michele. Sorry for the delay in responding. Insulin syringes have far too short of a needle for this purpose. Here is a link to some that will work better. – And please, please, please REMOVE THE NEEDLE before you apply it to your pet!!!

      • Thank you so much!! I did not get a notification that a response had been posted. I need to order more Revolution for her, I will check for a different type of syringe. I really appreciate it!

    • I cut the whole top off and use a 1 cc syringe with no needle. I do rabbits as well as my cats and dogs so if you are going to do a bunch get plenty because the plungers start to break down after around 10 doses.

    • I got my syringe free from a vet!! I just went to a vet near my home and asked for a syringe without a needle and he just gave me 2 that are regular liquid medicine syringes!!! If you can’t get the one you need give this a try…
      Good luck

    • I dont use needle syringes due to these problems you
      Instead I use 1ML/CC Oral syringes– No needles.
      Can ask for at pharmacies or mail order from various
      I will either cut the tip off top of tube and draw up to a rounded off amount of .4 instead of .38 (easier amt. to read and .2 wont mattter) This amount is for a cat 5 to 15lbs.
      You also will need to be dosing several cats as you cant really store any left over amount since evaporated with air.
      If I’m only dosing 2-3 adult cats I will pull plunger out, block dispensing end with finger, and as syringe is upside down fill to .4 replace plunger and gently remove finger from tip as not to expel the Revolution.
      Plus now you can tightly recap the tube and place in frig.
      Hope this helps

      • You can store the leftover , I do it all the time. I just found a super small mason type container that’s air tight. But definitely make sure you screw the lid back tight because you will loose anything you wish to store for later. Otherwise I also get none needle medicine syringe from pharmacy. I also round up to .4 for up to 15lbs. I’m so thankful to be able to do. This we took in two extra abandoned cats we already had 1. We planned to afford 1 so this helps make sure they are itch free and happy. And we are too 🙂

  2. Hi. Was able to get a 3 pk. of plum (large dog) Stronghold from Sierra Pet Meds for 42.00 on sale with free shipping. Appears to be the same strength as U.S. Revolution. Thought I would share. The Aussy prices are pretty steep. All the best to you and your furries!!
    P.S. Get the additional 5% off coupon from Retail Me Not.

    • Found revolution/stronghold at BESTVALUEPETSUPPLIES.BIZ for 86 lbs. – 132 lbs. 3 tubes for $47.00 just wanted to share this with you!! I have bought from them on several occasions.. Not many places sell this large amount so I think it’s a good money saver when you need to measure it down for cat’s!! I have 5 and 1 ferrel momma kitty.. I can’t seem to get her treated for flea’s and tick’s and other parasites but I did catch her once after she had her litter of babies to get her fixed.. She has found her furever home with me and 2 of her 5 babies also!! Sorry I am rambling I just wanted to share the info on the site and what they have to offer!!

  3. Donna Kammerdiener

    Hi, I buy Stronghold from Sierra Pet Meds they say they are located in Australia. It has worked great for me….no prescription needed, and Free Shipping too. This is great to buy larger dose for dogs and use it on cats and kittens. We have 4 cats and 5 kittens so this is great cost cutter for us. Vets charge a fortune for things and it seems over the years it’s all about making the money. All the vet techs in the office too, that’s what we pay for. It’s run like a human doctor’s office.

    • How long have you been buying from them? Sorry since my vet wouldn’t give me an RX for dog plum… And says the reason fda won’t approve otc is because it goes into the blood stream vs frontine ext which is also topical but only goes skin deep she says … So I want to buy this because I have 3 Kitty’s and 1 has a sever allergies to flea bites. Scratches himself bald and bloody… I can’t afford nearly $30 a dose for 3 cats monthly.. 2 are strays I brought in that the neighborhood abandoned when moving.. I couldn’t really afford them but when they showed at my door for help I couldn’t turn them away. I love them all very much and just want reassurance it is really safe to order from here . Thank you

  4. Does anyone know where revolution can be bought over the counter in Europe? What’s the best country? (I travel for work and know you can get Xanax OTC in Spain or Portugal) thanks.

  5. You can order Revolution from Australia without a prescription. It comes in the mail with free shipping.

  6. Cortney Arrant

    Can I use the cat version on my dog? Thanks!

    • The reason you can use the dog version on your cat is that they are exactly the same. It is only the amount you use that changes. Using the cat version on your dog, unless it is small, would be counter productive since you’d need more of the cat version, not less.

  7. Hi! I was interested in finding a more economical way to dose my 4 cats with Revolution & I came across your article. 3 of my cats fit into the 5-15 lb category, but one is about 20 lbs, which makes her dose more expensive. I was wondering if I can give her a dose & a half of the Revolution that is for the smaller cats, or if you could tell me how many mililiters it would require for her if I did the syringe method. Or if this is not a good idea, please let me know!
    I also noticed that you speak about purchasing packages that are meant for large dogs to be used for multiple cats & smaller dogs in order to save money. I was wondering how you get this accomplished if you have to have a vet’s approval to order the prescription for Revolution in the first place, whether it be from the vet itself or from an online vendor.
    My vet requires me to have had the particular animal in for a visit within a period of time in the recent past, otherwise, they won’t allow the prescription to be filled online.
    I went through this with for my larger cat who simply needed tetracin, a powder that soothes her butt because we have to clean it for her since she can’t get to it herself. My vet said he wouldn’t allow to fulfill the order since I hadn’t had her in the office within the year. Unfortunately, I had a great coupon I could have used & gotten 3 bottles for the price of 1 bottle if I had bought it directly from the vet, but they had to get their $50 office visit fee just to be able to tell me, “Yes, she’s still overweight, yes, she still needs her butt cleaned, yes, we grant you permission to order her butt powder.”
    I ended up going to an actual pharmacy & told them my dilemma & they gave me an OTC cream for people that works great on her tender little butt & costs less than $10 as opposed to what would have been an $80 vet bill & I didn’t have to traumatize her by taking her into the office.
    Sorry I got a little carried away with info, but I would greatly appreciate your advice on how to get the Revolution for large animals without owning one.
    Thank you, Ava, in advance, for your help & hopefully quick response!

    • Hi Heather. Yes, this can be a problem with an uncooperative vet, which is really annoying since there is absolutely nothing in Revolution that warrants a “prescription.” Fortunately, I had a vet that wasn’t opposed to the splitting of doses so gave me the prescription. Have you considered using Advantage II or Frontline Plus instead of Revolution? Both are available over the counter and I have a post about splitting those doses on the site as well. I’m not a vet so I really don’t have a recommendation for your 20 lb. cat; however, the chart says the dosage per pound is the same for dogs and cats and the dosage for a 20 lb. dog is .5 ml. For your peace of mind, you could confirm that with your vet. Hope you get things worked out.

    • Heather Gomez, can you please share what it is you bought to use for your cat?
      I also have a cat that has issues. Ty

    • The dose typically given to a cat larger than 15 lbs is 0.5 mL of the Teal label large dog size (41-85 lbs) or Plum label Largest dog size (86-132 lbs) for a cat up to 21 lbs. The easiest way to figure out the dose based on weight for a cat, as long as you are using the dog doses that have a concentration of 120 mg/mL (that’s all dog sizes except the puppy size up to 5 lbs) is that you give a cat 0.05 mL for every 2 lbs. So for your 20 lb cat it would be this calculation:
      20lb/2 = 10 x 0.05 mL = 0.50 mL dose for a 20 lb cat

      There is a longer more complicated way of figuring out the dose based on 2.7 mg/lb for a cat but you need to know the concentration, total mg and the volume of the vial, so this method is much easier and is accurate. The dose for a 20 lb cat works out to be 0.5 mL either way! I hope this helps!

  8. What type of string are you using to measure the Revolution? U-40 or U-100? The measurements are different.

    • Hi Paula. I’m sorry I don’t understand your question. I use a syringe to measure the Revolution. It doesn’t matter what size syringe you use as long as you measure the correct amount of Revolution.

  9. For anyone like myself finding this article years after publication: I have used this method successfully multiple times and have observed that this stuff is by far the best out there. Little or no side effects, and unlike frontline, it seems to work exactly as well and as long as the manufacturer claims. How rare is that?!
    Revolution is regretfully still not available OTC in America, and the markup by vet offices makes it financially ruinous to treat a larger number of cats. I bought a large dog package through Deadfleaz twice now with no issue, and for less than a local vet cat package even including shipping.
    Thank you, Ava!

  10. Why don’t you try SPAYING & NEUTERING!!!! WHY are you allowing them to keep reproducing!!?? We DO have a pet overpopulation problem!!

    • Hi Sheryl. I’m a little confused by your comment. This post has nothing to do with pets reproducing or pet overpopulation. I am well aware of this issue and always promote spaying and neutering. Even if you have only one or two small pets, you can save money by buying the larger size of products and splitting it or spreading it over more months. Your previous comment on this post makes sense but this one does not. Hope your day gets better.

  11. “Be aware that if you buy bulk ”

    If i am remembering correctly from what the manufacturers website said, it is nearly impossible to overdose an animal with this medication. With the 3ml dosage that we buy for what would accommodate a 130 pound dog, we are able to treat 24 kittens. 3ml<$20

  12. I have a question. I split a xL vial of revolution for my cats. Now question. 5 to 15 lbs. 38ml. Now how does that measure into cc’s. I lost the measurements to how to do it. Please before I dose my babies, I appreciate it.

    • They are the same. cc and ml refer to the same amount of liquid.

    • It is not 38ml!!! it is 0.38 ml basically 0.4ml. Use the tiny dosing syringe available on Amazon or a pharmacy. You do not use the needle part, only the plastic tube. The tube can only hold a max of 1ml and each little groove is 0.1 ml. so you pull up almost to the 4th tiny line, that will be a bit under 0.4ml If your cat is e.g. 7-8 lbs, and not infested, you can just dose a bit over 0.2ml and you will be fine for maintenance. I like this dosing, because not only do you save money for multiple cats, but you also use less chemicals on them. You can tailor the medication to their exact weight..

  13. To Maureen and others storing Revolution: Be aware that if you buy bulk and store it you need to mark and take notes of how much is in your storage bottle. Since the second ingredient is isopropyl alcohol, it readily evaporates. Suppose half of the volume you stored evaporates…now the concentration of selamectin has DOUBLED!!! I’m no chemist so I don”t know how much if any of the selamectin would evaporate …just saying be aware!!!

  14. JayDee Wilkins

    Would like to know if using 1/10th the recomended dosage of Revolution after using it as directed the first time works. I’m trying this now on 10 cats & 2 rabbits.

  15. How exactly do you do a .13ML or .38ML? I have never seen a syringe broken down so much.

    • You can get 1 mil syringes so .38 would be just below the .4 mark and so on.

      • Do you have a recommended syringe with needle link on amazon? Sorry, I have never bought syringes with needles and I’m so confused with what’s available. Do you buy the syringe and the needles separately? And, are you directing to poke the actual revolution vial, not insert the syringe into the opening? Thank you!

        • Since you will be drawing out less than 1 ml, a one ml syringe (something like these) should be fine. Unfortunately, they usually come in a minimum of 20 syringes but they aren’t that expensive. You might be able to get a smaller quantity if you go directly to a pet store. I take the cap off and stick the needle in where you would normally open it. Don’t open it, just stick it through the foil. That way, when the cap goes back on it is tightly closed.

          • Rev used to be packaged with a tiny glass bottle and an oral syringe (measured dose kit, no longer avail). I have found the tiny glass bottles online by googling “1 oz glass bottles”. You could probably use essential oils bottles from craft store as well. Pour the Rev into bottle and draw what you need; cap leftovers tightly and hide away in cool dark place. You won’t have mess, or need needles and original instructions say you don’t even need to wash out the syringe to use again.

  16. Have you used Revolution for dogs @ 120 mg/ml potency on cats? The “potency” has me confused. I’ve recently purchased a Revolution kit for my cats, however, the product I received is the Teal package for dogs. I’m afraid to use it on my cats. Thank you!

    • Hi Laurie. If you read the paragraph above the charts it will help explain it for you. Just follow the chart for the proper dosage. It is important to use the correct amount.

    • Arleen M Morley

      You said you purchased a Revolution “kit” for cats. Is it a multidose supply kit from Australia? I had been able to buy from them through a Usa website, but it is no longer available through them and I do not know who the supplier in Australia is. Pfizer, the American manufacturer of Revolution, does not sell it in that form. I think I will start buying Stronghold or split the XL dog Revolution. Thank you.

      • Arleen,
        YES!! For several years, I too, bought Revolution for my cats in a multi-dose kit from Australia!! The name of the company that I used is “Sierra Pet Meds”. I tried to re-order last summer but it was no longer offered. I have ALL the instructions, invoice, & padded envelope from the last time I ordered, 2 years ago. The pharmaceutical company listed is “Zoetis”. In small print below that, says–Distributed by: Zoetis Inc. Kalamazoo, MI 49007. I hope you see this reply. I’m curious if you went with the Stronghold, or what?

        • Just butting in here…I have purchased a kit from ? No name on the inside packaging and I tossed the rest, but kept the folded revolution information. No address, no phone #on it, just a “contact us” if you have any ?s. So, I called Zoetis and they denied having anything to do with it, wouldn’t help me. All I needed was to know what their measurement translated to for my syringe. Now can’t find the kit anywhere. I guess money trumped our being able to save any giving our pets the medication. Everything veterinarian now seems to be outrageous, meds have drastically gone up, Clavamox used to be around 28, now around 40+, took a cat to the vet with mild concerns, almost $600 later found out she’s fine. And don’t even mention what it costs for the Rx food Royal Canin, Hills, etc. R&D is great, much needed, but not sure what’s going on, corruption? greed? in the industry, but it’s pricing the average person out of helping their animals.

    • I found your post and have a question.
      I’ve been using 240 mg/2ml for my TNR cats as well as my own indoor cats that I dose every month prophylactically.

      Mine are indoors but I always worry about bringing in a little cutter inadvertently.

      My question is- once the vial is pierced and a couple of doses removed with a syringe, how long is the remaining solution good for?

      With the tiny needle, there is very little air that can get in…plus I put the top back on tightly.

      So…is it still good for week or 2 or 3? Or should I toss it.

      Thanks in advance for responding.

      • Once I started using a needle to remove the proper dose from the original vial and making sure it was tightly capped, I didn’t have any more issues. Mine seemed to be just as effective two or three months later.

  17. I hope you will be able to answer this! I purchased the TEAL colored “Stronghold” and now I am worried it is will be concentrated or strong to use? I know some of them are 6% and some are 12%. If there is anyway you can let me know if the TEAL one will be OK to break down as well, I would greatly appreciate it. I have 3 cats 2 are probably over 7 lb and one is probably over 10lb and a 5 or 6 lb Yorkie dog.Thank you

  18. Thank you so much. I lost the paper I had in my stash, and we have pets from six to 80 pounds. Now I know! <3

  19. I don’t know what 0.13 or 0.38 ml equals out to. If I use a 1cc/ml syringe, how much would I need for a kitten? For a cat?

    Also, how “easy” is it to Over Dose with Revolution? If I don’t get the measurement “exactly” right, is that super dangerous?

    THANK YOU for this article and any help you can give me.
    It’s MUCH Appreciated!

  20. Can you tell me if the dose for cats and kittens is the same for the dog 40.1-85lbs?

    • No, it is NOT the same – just follow the numbers in the table (in the article).

      So, using the EXTRA LARGE DOG version (PLUM), or in fact any version that says 120mg/ml on the box, you would need 0.13ml to treat a cat that weighs less than 5lb, and so on. If working this out or if using a syringe to accurately draw out the right amount from the little vials seems a bit too complicated, you are probably safer just buying the correct version for your animal.

  21. For cats over 12 weeks I’m having good luck with persistent use of a natural spray called Natural Care+ Flea & Tick Home Spray. It has a strong smell of natural oils, like mint, for about 8 hours after use. My cats don’t mind it even when I use it on them. I use it on everything that the cats use except their food, water, and litter. I do use Advantage II and occasionally Revolution but after using this stuff at the rate of 1 quart per month There are no fleas and I think that I could prevent them with this stuff alone. It is $6 per quart at Walmart.

    • Hi Kim. Thanks for the info. A good preventative program is always best. I’d love to know how it works in the long run on its own.

  22. When u say it is volatile to put the dose from the tube in to a bigger container, do you mean it is dangerous and detrimental to the cats health. I ask because I have a tube of revolution that I squeezed from the original tube and put in to a larger container with a lid and have it in a drawer. Im needing to know if it is still safe to use it on my cats or do u feel it will hurt them in some way? Can you please email me at

    • No, it should still be fine. What I meant was that mine evaporated. My container must not have been airtight but I just didn’t risk it after that and left it in its original container. I’m answering here in case others had the same concern.

  23. Thanks for this post!!

  24. I just read flea treatment on your web I have around 9grown up 9kittens between 5 months to 7months right now 9new born with 1week and1 day I just treat for worms the fleas are the problems this many cats I need something to use treats the large population in my house that is very cheap so I can use 2or3 times after the1st times please texts me (

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