About Savvy Pet Care

Savvy Pet Care provides you, the pet parent, or prospective pet parent, with useful tips and ideas on how to keep your pets happy and healthy. We cover topics ranging from flea treatment to raw feeding to grooming. You’ll even find some recipes and DIY. We want to help you create a healthy lifestyle for your pet through preventative healthcare, species appropriate nutrition and environmental enrichment.

We are passionate about promoting spay/neuter as the only real solution to end the pet overpopulation problem. In conjunction with that, we support pet adoption but not to the extent that we believe you should never own a purebred animal.

Savvy Pet Care began life as a pet sitting service so we cover all types of pets. Although we no longer provide pet care, we still want to help you care for your pets.

About Ava

I think animal lovers are born, it is not something you acquire, and I was definitely born an animal lover! I have been involved with animals since childhood. Many dogs and cats have -graced my life as well as rabbits, rats, fish, iguanas, turtles, chickens, chukars, fancy pigeons, turkeys, a parrot, a cockatoo, burros, and horses.

For several years, I was a licensed falconer. I have been a USDA licensed exhibitor and have experience with exotics including lions, tigers, cougars, leopards, lynx, and wolves.

As a volunteer with the Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center, I helped care for native wildlife. As a foster and volunteer for MeoowzResQ, I have cared for hundreds of cats and kittens. Many of them required medication, injections and sub-q fluids.

I was a horseback riding instructor and did ground training for horses using natural horsemanship techniques that I studied for more than ten years. I was an Equine Specialist in Equine Assisted Learning, Counseling and Coaching work.

My horse is living the retired life, like me, in southern California. When I retired in 2018, my three rescued cats and I spent six weeks traveling by RV from California to Texas. Our plan, yes I consulted the cats, is to stay here during the winter and travel the US by RV when the weather is amenable.

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