Pet Lover’s Spay Neuter License Plate

Could they be any more perfect?

Could they be any more perfect?

When I brought in the mail tonight, there was an envelope that looked and felt like new license plates but I couldn’t imagine why I would be getting new ones. When I opened the envelope, I was so excited! It was my new California Pet Lover’s Spay Neuter license plate. I ordered it so long ago that I totally forgot about it. They had to have 7,500 pre-ordered in order for the plate to be approved. They reached that number and the plates have begun shipping. Click here to read the press release.

The plate was designed by actor and environmentalist Pierce Brosnan. The proceeds from the plate will generate additional funding for free and low-cost spay neuter surgeries throughout California and will be another tool to stem pet overpopulation and the euthanizing of millions of unwanted pets in state shelters.

pet lover's spay neuter license plate

About $40 from every plate will go to the spay/neuter fund. You can order yours now at DMV. Standard plates are $50 and personalized plates are $98. Can’t wait to put mine on in the morning.

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