AJ Update — It’s Slow Going

AJ update 2I know some of you are wondering about AJ so I wanted to give you an update. He is making some progress but it is very slow going. He is painfully timid and still wants to hide all the time. He is very wary and seems like he keeps expecting to be jumped. I can’t imagine that he was ever “acting out” in his original home. 

He is still in a room with just a couple of kittens who he pretty much ignores. He figured out right away how to open the closet door and hung out in there until I cameAJ update 1 copy into the room. Then he would come out to be loved on. I fixed the closet so he can no longer go in, forcing him to deal with his surroundings a little more. So now he just hangs out under the furniture. 

He is extremely sweet and loves to lay next to me when I sit on the floor to scratch and love on him. It is still pretty difficult to photograph him because as soon as I stop petting him, he wants to slink away.

He is a bit of a picky eater. He has been offered raw food, several flavors and brands of grain free food and Friskies. His favorite, by far, is the Friskies.

AJ update 3

If you would like to donate to AJ’s care, visit MeoowzResQ’s website. I know they will appreciate any amount.

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  1. Dear AJ!!!!! I pray for you every day, and please be okay and loved… comeout now, it’s alright…no more dumping, just loving.. Mk??? XOXOXOx

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