AJ and his Teddy Bear

Perhaps you saw the following article about AJ and his teddy bear. AJ and his AJ and his teddy bear at Castaic shelterstory went viral on Facebook yesterday as the rescue community went into action. They began sharing his Facebook post and sending emails through the network. His plight touched the hearts of so many. 

September 9, 2013

AJ was surrendered yesterday to the Castaic Shelter, Facebook reported on September 9.

AJ had a family, which included two other cats who had died. The family said AJ had began acting out since the death of his kitty friends. So his family decided to dump this beautiful kitty the shelter.

Rather than give AJ the comfort he desperately needed as he adjusted to life without his cat friends, AJ was given his stuffed teddy bear. His favorite toy is all AJ has for companionship as he waits for either a home or euthanasia.

Since he was an owner turn in, the shelter isn’t obligated to hold him for several days. His family won’t be coming to the shelter to search for him, because they’ve already thrown him away.

AJ appears very scared in this photo. The photographer who took it didn’t want to upset the cat by flashing a camera at him. She did say he’s really handsome and has beautiful eyes. AJ appears to be a Siamese/Siamese mix.

There’s no information on how old he is, but older cats don’t do well in a shelter environment.

via Cat with a teddy bear turned in to California shelter by heartless owners – Greenville Pets | Examiner.com.

Good News for AJ and his Teddy Bear

At 1:45 pm yesterday, shortly after receiving an email from the rescue community, Dani Ryan, President and founder of MeoowzResQ, sent out a plea to her network of more than 100 fosters to see if someone had room for him. MeoowzResQ is very full at the moment with more than 500 cats and kittens in foster, but before 2:30 Dani had a reply from foster Karen saying that she would take AJ.

10-year-old AJ is not the only kitty with a sad story of an older kitty being dumped by its owners. Karen recently rescued another older kitty, Mara, dumped at another shelter, also with her teddy bear. AJ’s story struck a cord with Karen and she immediately offered to help him.

Castaic is about 70 miles from MeoowzResQ’s headquarters in Orange, CA. A transporter will pick AJ up from the Castaic shelter tomorrow and deliver him to Karen where he will live with Mara until a forever family comes forward for him.

If you would like to help MeoowzResQ with his expenses, or any of their 500 other kitties, please visit their website and make a donation. If you are interested in adopting AJ, send an email to meoowzresq@aol.com.

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