Meet and Greet Consultation

Our meet and greet consultations for our pet sitting services are always free of charge. During this meeting, we will get to know both you and your pets. We’ll discuss all your pets’ specific needs and develop their personalized care plan. We’ll complete all the necessary paperwork and get a key.

Rates and Services Offered

Please note that all rates below (in your home) are a base rate and additional charges will apply to locations more than 10 miles from Pine Grove.

Daily Dog Walking and Cat Visits

Daily, or even weekly, visits while you are working long hours can provide your pets with extra physical and mental stimulation that will help them be happier family members. This service includes a walk for the dog or play time with the kitties, lots of hugs and treats (approved by you, of course.) We’ll check on the water and clean up any messes.

  • 30 minutes: $25
  • 45 minutes: $35
  • 60 minutes: $40

Above rates are for 1-2 dogs. Each additional dog is $3. No extra charge for multiple cats. Additional $5 per visit on major holidays.

In-home Pet Sitting

While you are away, you can rest assured that we will provide your pets with the best loving care. Our pet sitting visits include; feeding, fresh water, play, walking, litter box and wee-wee pad changing and, of course, lots of attention. Our visits will give your home a lived-in look when we turn lights on and off, adjust blinds, take out and bring in trash cans, and bring in newspapers and mail. We’ll even water your plants. We’ll call, text or email you after each visit, if you’d like, and we can include photographs!

  • 30 minutes: $25   
  • 45 minutes: $35
  • 60 minutes: $40

Above rates are for 1-2 dogs. Each additional dog is $3. No extra charge for multiple cats. Additional $5 per visit on major holidays.

In-room Hotel and Resort Pet Sitting

If you are on vacation in our service area and staying at one of our many pet-friendly hotels, we are pleased to offer you the same services at your hotel as our in-home sitting. We will make sure your pet receives meals on time, relaxing walks, playtime and any necessary medication. So if you want to spend the day at an amusement park or spend a night on the town, you can relax and enjoy yourself knowing that your pet is in good hands and having fun too!

  • 45 minutes: $35
  • 60 minutes: $40

Staying at a hotel where you can’t leave your pet alone in the room? No problem. We can come and stay while you go play. Additional $5 per visit on major holidays.

  • $20 each additional hour

Any valet or parking fees are additional. An additional $5 per hour on major holidays.

Overnight Pet/House Sitting

Our overnight stays are the ultimate for your pets who need some special TLC or you want extra security for your home.

  • 7 pm to 7 am: $80

All of the services provided in our in-home pet sitting visits are included in our overnight stays. An additional $20 on major holidays.


The cage-free alternative when you need to be away overnight. Your pet will be a welcome guest in our home with full run of the house. Includes lots of play time, cuddles and walking. A sleepover is 24 hours starting from the time of drop-off. Pick-up/drop-off is available for an additional fee of $15 plus $.50 per mile.

  • Small to medium dog: $40 per day/$10 for second dog
  • Large dog: $45 per day/$15 for second dog
  • Giant dog: $50 per day/$25 for second dog


We provide short-term doggie daycare but no daily, long term daycare. Hours are 7 am to 7 pm.

  • Small to medium dog: $25 per day
  • Large dog: $30 per day
  • Giant dog: $35 per day
  • 50% discount on second dog from same family

Pet Taxi

When your schedule gets too hectic, we can help. We will take your pets to any appointments such as veterinarian, groomer, trainer or day care.

  • $20 per 30 minutes

Same fee applies to travel and wait time. A mileage surcharge may apply.

Personal Pet Shopper

If you suddenly realize, as you are about to leave on a trip or are just having a busy day, that you are out of kitty litter or don’t have enough food, just give us a list and we’ll do the shopping for you.

  • One-stop: $25 plus the cost of items

A mileage surcharge may apply.

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