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Dumped Again? — AJ and His Teddy Bear

AJ and his teddy bear at Castaic shelter

AJ and his teddy bear at the shelter

Well, isn’t this a royal mess! And who is the one suffering? Poor AJ who doesn’t have a clue why he is being shuttled all over Southern California. If you saw our story on September 10th, you know that 10-year-old AJ and his teddy bear were dumped at the Castaic shelter by his owners.

His story spread on Facebook like wildfire thanks to the rescue community and other animal lovers who saw his post. MeoowzResQ was contacted through the rescue network and stepped up to save him. They were in the process of sending a transporter to get him when they were informed that he had been adopted. Someone posted on MeoowzResQ’s Facebook page that the adopter had put a deposit to hold him but the shelter wouldn’t release him until Friday.

MeoowzResQ was given the following story on that Friday by a friend of the adopter. “When the adopter, Tam, got there to pick him up, there was an older lady who was sitting and playing with him, wanting to adopt him. She told them that she had just had to put her cat to sleep and her other cat was despondent. Tam also found out that AJ didn’t get along well with dogs (something the shelter hadn’t mentioned before and Tam has two dogs.) So, Tam let the 85-year-old lady take AJ and even paid the adoption fees for her. AJ has a good home with a lady who cried when she was told that she could take him.” What a lovely story, but it appears to be inaccurate.

After this update was posted, a THIRD person posted that AJ was actually adopted on Wednesday by someone else!!! Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any “getting to the bottom” of what happened on that Friday. Apparently two other kitties got adopted that day, neither of which were AJ. AJ was adopted on Wednesday by Melissa as reported and, that in itself was all that really mattered — until this past Friday. 

On Friday, after little more than a week, Dani Ryan, founder of MeoowzResQ, received an email from AJ’s adopter saying that he wasn’t working out and did she still have room for him! Melissa said that her two cats were not accepting of AJ and she was afraid for his safety. MeoowzResQ had pledged to help whoever adopted AJ with any medical needs he had at the time so, of course, agreed to take him as they had initially intended. 

Will there be a Happy Ending for AJ and His Teddy Bear?

Melissa brought AJ and his teddy bear to Dani this morning. She was very sad as she had grown attached to AJ but said one of her other cats kept attacking him. She had worked on the introduction several times over the past 10 days and it just didn’t work. She feels AJ deserves better and hopes that MeoowzResQ will be able to find him another loving home. Melissa also brought some of the food he likes and a nice carrier.

AJ in his foster home

AJ in his foster home

I was there when Melissa brought AJ. I had come to meet her and pick him up — I’m happy to say that I am AJ’s foster! I tried to get a good photo of him but he really just wants to hide right now. After he has had some time to settle in, I will introduce him to some of the cats at my house and see how he does. I will evaluate him to see what type of home might be best for him. He seems like such a sweet guy! I’ll keep you posted.

AJ and his Teddy Bear

Perhaps you saw the following article about AJ and his teddy bear. AJ and his AJ and his teddy bear at Castaic shelterstory went viral on Facebook yesterday as the rescue community went into action. They began sharing his Facebook post and sending emails through the network. His plight touched the hearts of so many. 

September 9, 2013

AJ was surrendered yesterday to the Castaic Shelter, Facebook reported on September 9.

AJ had a family, which included two other cats who had died. The family said AJ had began acting out since the death of his kitty friends. So his family decided to dump this beautiful kitty the shelter.

Rather than give AJ the comfort he desperately needed as he adjusted to life without his cat friends, AJ was given his stuffed teddy bear. His favorite toy is all AJ has for companionship as he waits for either a home or euthanasia.

Since he was an owner turn in, the shelter isn’t obligated to hold him for several days. His family won’t be coming to the shelter to search for him, because they’ve already thrown him away.

AJ appears very scared in this photo. The photographer who took it didn’t want to upset the cat by flashing a camera at him. She did say he’s really handsome and has beautiful eyes. AJ appears to be a Siamese/Siamese mix.

There’s no information on how old he is, but older cats don’t do well in a shelter environment.

via Cat with a teddy bear turned in to California shelter by heartless owners – Greenville Pets |

Good News for AJ and his Teddy Bear

At 1:45 pm yesterday, shortly after receiving an email from the rescue community, Dani Ryan, President and founder of MeoowzResQ, sent out a plea to her network of more than 100 fosters to see if someone had room for him. MeoowzResQ is very full at the moment with more than 500 cats and kittens in foster, but before 2:30 Dani had a reply from foster Karen saying that she would take AJ.

10-year-old AJ is not the only kitty with a sad story of an older kitty being dumped by its owners. Karen recently rescued another older kitty, Mara, dumped at another shelter, also with her teddy bear. AJ’s story struck a cord with Karen and she immediately offered to help him.

Castaic is about 70 miles from MeoowzResQ’s headquarters in Orange, CA. A transporter will pick AJ up from the Castaic shelter tomorrow and deliver him to Karen where he will live with Mara until a forever family comes forward for him.

If you would like to help MeoowzResQ with his expenses, or any of their 500 other kitties, please visit their website and make a donation. If you are interested in adopting AJ, send an email to

Adopt AJ

Adopt AJ

He has such a wise and soulful look on his face.

This update on AJ is long overdue but things have been hectic here. AJ is an absolutely wonderful kitty and if I didn’t already have too many foster failures I would keep him myself. 

Once he realized he was safe here, his personality started to blossom. He is a calm, confident kitty. He loves to be a lap cat and sleeps with me every night. When my lap isn’t available, you can find him in his favorite spot. You can pick him up, hold and hug him, and he never tries to get away. He gets along with all the other kitties in the house, especially the girls. He hasn’t shown much interest in playing, but at his age, I’m sure he doesn’t find it very dignified. He comes when you call him, and not just when you have food! 

AJ at foster home

Speaking of food, I mentioned in another post that he is a finicky eater. He lost a pound or two when he first came here. Not only was he scared and hiding, but apparently he didn’t like what I had on the menu. I tried so many things to get him to eat including baby food and tuna. I feed raw food and he definitely wasn’t interested in that. Once he started eating, he would just lick the juice off. After much trial and error, I found the only thing he ate right down was Friskies — and not just any Friskies — only the prime filets or bits. Oh, and of course, he loves cooked chicken and pretty much any meat off of my plate. I don’t usually feed table scraps to any pets but I did some experimenting with him to see what he likes.

Friskies "shreds" are OK but not his favorite!

Friskies “shreds” are OK but not his favorite!


If you set a dish down, be sure it is empty. Any people food is preferred over cat food.

If you set a dish down, be sure it is empty. Any people food is preferred over cat food – even pasta sauce.

He is a very, very slow eater. I feed him first while I get food ready for the rest of the cats. When they finish, he is still barely half done. I have to watch to make sure he gets his full meal but he is getting better about not leaving it if other cats approach.

AJ is a large kitty. He is on the lean side at 14 pounds. He is half again the size of any of my other full grown cats, length and height wise. His size reminds me of my Topper who got me into all this fostering business. Topper could stand up and put is front paws on the kitchen counter. AJ is almost that big.

When my lap isn't available, you can find him in his favorite spot.

When my lap isn’t available, you can find him in his favorite spot.

I don’t have a dog but I do occasional sleepovers for clients’ dogs. When one is here, he is not afraid and shows definite interest in checking it out. I think he Adopt AJwould be a good companion for a friendly dog.

How to Adopt AJ

AJ has had a traumatic past few months. After being dumped by his owner at the age of 10 and one adoption situation not working out, we are looking for a special someone or family who will love AJ for the rest of his life. If you can provide him that forever, loving home and want to adopt AJ, visit the MeoowzResQ website and download the adoption application. You can email it back or fax it to 213-270-9322. Contact MeoowzResQ at 714-997-0868 or email 


AJ loves to be a lap kitty!

Oh, and his teddy bear is still here but he shows no interest in it. It will remain here to comfort other scared kitties after AJ is adopted.

AJ Update — It’s Slow Going

AJ update 2I know some of you are wondering about AJ so I wanted to give you an update. He is making some progress but it is very slow going. He is painfully timid and still wants to hide all the time. He is very wary and seems like he keeps expecting to be jumped. I can’t imagine that he was ever “acting out” in his original home. 

He is still in a room with just a couple of kittens who he pretty much ignores. He figured out right away how to open the closet door and hung out in there until I cameAJ update 1 copy into the room. Then he would come out to be loved on. I fixed the closet so he can no longer go in, forcing him to deal with his surroundings a little more. So now he just hangs out under the furniture. 

He is extremely sweet and loves to lay next to me when I sit on the floor to scratch and love on him. It is still pretty difficult to photograph him because as soon as I stop petting him, he wants to slink away.

He is a bit of a picky eater. He has been offered raw food, several flavors and brands of grain free food and Friskies. His favorite, by far, is the Friskies.

AJ update 3

If you would like to donate to AJ’s care, visit MeoowzResQ’s website. I know they will appreciate any amount.

Update on AJ

MeoowzResQ just announced on their Facebook page that AJ, the senior cat who was dumped by his owners at the Castaic shelter with his teddy bear, was adopted from the shelter earlier today. All the out-pouring of caring and sharing helped find him a forever family. The adopter will be able to take AJ home on Friday and MeoowzResQ is hoping to get some photos of him in his new home to post for all who promoted him to see. 

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